Shumba Africa: A UI/UX use case that empowers users to seamlessly and intuitively browse and purchase products online, regardless of their location.

1. A Complete Mobile First Designed Approach

Enjoy a seamless experience across all devices, with mobile-friendly access to all desktop features.

2. A Complete Desktop User Experience

Immerse yourself in Shumba Africa’s vast selection of products with the desktop user experience, where you can comfortably browse for hours. Intuitively navigate through categories, discover what’s available in your location, and filter products by delivery time and other criteria with ease.


3. Shop in the preferred currency

Previewing the total price in your currency in real time, without converting currencies or paying exchange fees, makes online shopping more convenient and transparent. With this feature, you can make informed purchasing decisions without surprises at checkout.


4. A Flexible Checkout for everyone

Shumba Africa’s payment options give you the flexibility to pay the way you want, when you want. Whether you prefer to pay with a credit card, cash, or installments, we have you covered.

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