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Utande Use Case - Gaining Confidence with New & Existing Stakeholders

Utande Internet Services (Private) Limited is a licensed Internet Access Provider. Utande offers a variety of business connectivity solutions to the SME and retail customer base.

The Merger problem:

Iway Africa + YoAfrica + Umax + BSAT

After the four entities were acquired by Utande, there was a need to quickly refresh the brand to give exisiting & new customers a renewed sense of progress and direction.

Utande needed to find a way to excite the market after its merger.

Navigating negative perspectives (Positive Re-inforcement)

Mergers mean new changes, in some cases users fall in love with previous brands to the point that anything new will affect how they feel about the brand.

Goals: The goals of the rebrand were to:

  • Create a unique and memorable brand that gives renewed confidence to existing customers that were used to the brands before the merger.
  • Communicate the company’s values of quality, service, and community.
  • Generate excitement and anticipation for affordable uncapped internet services.

Problems associated with old identity.

  • Too similar to the Dandemutande brand
  • Identity was entirely based on logotype
  • Lack of brand elements to use onĀ  various media

Target Market

  1. Ages: 20-75
  2. Gender: Male & Female
  3. Interests: Accessing the internet for entertainment, research & communication purposes
  4. Income: $150+
  5. Location: Urban & Rural
  6. Needs: Access to affordable internet

Utande Identity Transformation:


The logomark is a cluster of internet packets, representing the company’s commitment to providing seamless connectivity. The breaking lines symbolize the company’s wireless offerings, while the connected lines represent its wired services. The logomark is a bold and modern design that conveys the company’s forward-thinking approach to technology.